Our satisfied clients attest to our professionalism and high level of services. Among our customers are central state agencies, small government offices, and private businesses. Our large client base is evidence of the trust others place in us and our flexibility in adapting to each individual customer.


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
“By virtue of the way the course was conducted and the professionalism of the lecturer, the training was rated highly by the participants with respect to both the content and the employed methodology. We would also like to emphasize that the organizational cooperation with PRESSCOM deserves recognition and recommendation...”

Vice-director of HR, General Director’s Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration



PKP Energetyka
“...It is worth noting that [PRESSCOM’s] trainers designed a detailed training program customized to the specific needs of our company and employed modern training methods, including various teaching aids...”

 Director, Employee Affairs, PKP Energetyka Sp. z o.o.




Regional Post Office, Wroclaw-Province
“...Both the organizational quality of the course and the way the seminars were conducted deserve high marks. For this reason, we can confidently recommend PRESSCOM as a reliable and responsible partner that fulfills its obligations in a timely manner...”

Director, Regional Post Office



District Labor Office in Opole
“...The content of the training was well-designed and all the suggested topics were discussed comprehensively. The lecturers were well-prepared, presenting information in a clear, understandable way with appropriate examples (...) The company is dependable and worth recommending...”

Vice-director, District Labor Office in Opole


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