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As part of the Public Tenders Library, we publish books on public procurement. By virtue of their practical approach to the subject, these publications provide considerable assistance to entities participating in procurements. Our books are targeted at contracting entities, contractors, and other people interested in public procurement. A list of publications follows:

“Public Procurement of Construction Work” (“Zamówienia publiczne na roboty budowlane”)
The book is a practical look at the procedure of public procurement with respect to construction work, including design contests, build or design build tenders, together with the related contractual provisions. It also highlights the most important definitions, concepts and principles of pre construction procedures. The publication will help properly estimate the value of the contract, learn the differences between various types of compensation used in construction work, prepare a specification, and choose the right procurement procedure. In addition, the book contains ready¬ made templates of procurement specifications with appendices (including contract templates), also available on the included CD.

Authors: Dorota Grochalska, Zbigniew Leszczyński, Ewa Wiktorowska

“Public Tenders. The Handbook” (“Przetargi Publiczne. Vademecum”)
The book is a practical tool for every public procurement specialist. It contains a comprehensive review of the public procurement procedure – from the specification of the procured goods or services to the execution of the contract. The handbook reflects the current state of the law, including both the “small” and the “large” amendment to Public Procurement Law. It was created by the best public procurement experts and practitioners in Poland and is recommended for use in all types of public sector entities and in businesses trying to win public contracts. The handbook is published in the form of a binder that will be updated 6-9 times a year, depending on the frequency of changes in legislation. The basic publication consists of about 700 pages and a CD which contains templates, procedures, legal acts and Common Procurement Vocabulary software.

Edited by: Teresa Zjawińska-Jankowska

“Construction Work and Services Concessions Act: Commentary” (“Ustawa o koncesji na roboty budowlane lub usługi. Komentarz”)
The publication is a commentary on the concessions act, which has replaced the Public Procurement Law regulations effective since 2004, and has regulated the granting of concessions on construction services. The author provides a detailed discussion of successive sections of the act, pointing out potentially problematic issues for institutions willing to grant a concession. Due to the similarity between concession procedures and public procurement procedures, the commentary is based on literature and rulings in that area, concerning such issues as: advertising a concession, submitting applications and proposals, assessing and evaluating proposals. The book includes document templates and a CD with editable versions of those templates.

Author: Grzegorz Mazurek

“Types of Public Procurements” (“Tryby udzielania zamówień publicznych”) series
This 8-volume series of books is the most comprehensive publication on conducting procurements available on the market. It contains a detailed discussion of how to conduct each type of procurement, including the obligations and rights of contracting entities and contractors. The series was developed by top Polish experts on public procurement — people who have been participating in procurement procedures for many years. The publication includes correspondence templates useful in procurements and a CD with editable versions of those templates.

Authors: Robert Bartkowski, Zbigniew Leszczyński, Urszula Lisiecka, Przemysław Lisiecki; Adam Wiktorowski, Marek Koleśnikow, Ewa Marcjoniak, Jerzy Wysocki, Ewa Wiktorowska, Magdalena Michałowska, Elżbieta Sobczuk.

“Public Procurements for IT Products and Services” (“Zamówienia publiczne na dostawy i usługi informatyczne”)
The book explains how to conduct effective procurements for IT products and services. The first part is a detailed discussion of the procedures; the second walks the reader through procurements for specific products and services, e.g. workstations, notebooks, copying systems, supplies, software, maintenance services, etc. The book includes a CD with an extensive set of rulings issued by Arbitration Offices, the National Appeals Chamber and District Courts, as well as example procurement specifications.

Authors: Iwona Ziarniak, Jacek Agdan, Robert Błażków, Aneta Duraj, Maciej Hazy, Krzysztof Jungowski, Andrzej Osmak, Marcin Niewiadomski, Leszek Podgórski, Agnieszka Prokopowicz.

“Public Procurement in the Rulings of the European Court of Justice” (“Zamówienia publiczne w orzeczeniach Europejskiego Trybunału Sprawiedliwości”)
The most comprehensive and the most practical of all the available commentaries to public procurement related rulings and verdicts of the European Court of Justice. The book discusses rulings on more than 10 issues critical to the effective operation of the public procurement system, such as describing the object of the contract, interpretations of regulations pertaining to the documents that the contracting entity may request of contractors, or strict application of the procurement specification to all the participants.

Author: Zbigniew Raczkiewicz.

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