Public Tender Training Center

The Public Tender Training Center offers training in public procurement and related issues, targeting both contracting entities and contractors. Training subjects are directly connected to the operation of contracting entities and contractors – their needs and comments are taken into account when planning training cycles.

The Public Tender Training Center offers training aimed at public procurement novices looking for general information on the public procurement system, as well as specialists who already possess extensive general knowledge and would like to obtain more specific information on selected topics. All our seminars are based on the latest legislation. Whenever procurement laws are changed, the Public Tender Training Center is one of the first institutions in the country to organize a relevant training event.

Our training seminars are conducted by experienced public procurement specialists – the best experts in the country. Each event includes a segment dedicated to answering the questions of participants.
Participants receive professionally prepared training materials. Events take place exclusively in high standard rooms.

Example training topics:

  • Public procurement planning and preparing the mandatory annual report
  • Changes to public procurement legislation — how to apply the new regulations
  • Procurements below the 14,000-euro threshold according to new public procurement laws – obligations and options of the contracting entity, documentation and ambiguities
  • Accountability in public procurement – preparing for an audit
  • Procurement of construction services according to new public procurement laws – appendices to contracts, accounting, supplemental work, supplemental procurements
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