Public Information Training Center

The Public Information Training Center organizes training on the application of new technology laws in public administration. Event topics include managing public information, providing access to public information, storing, processing and protecting personal data, building and managing networks, accountability for information management, delegating information related tasks, and many others. Training seminars are conducted by specialists in new technology laws, experts who themselves participate in the legislative process.

Participants receive extensive training materials, have the opportunity to ask questions, and can rate the quality of the seminar afterwards. Our instructors receive excellent ratings from participants, which attests not only to their professionalism and first rate knowledge of the subject matter, but also to their ability to establish rapport with participants. All events organized by the Public Information Training Center are held in venues of the highest standard.

Example training topics:

  • Information security in networks and information systems
  • Personal data protection in practice — analyzing and solving most frequent problems
  • Access to public information and Public Information Bulletins — contradictions, unclear regulations, court rulings
  • Auditing, reviewing and archiving classified documents in high security offices
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