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 Books published in the Public Information Library cover problems related to IT development in public administration and the application of new technology laws in administration. The range of subjects is wide — from a general discussion of basic IT-related obligations of administration to a detailed analysis of the process of securing personal data stored and processed by public administration. A list of publications follows:

“Personal Data Processing: Inspecting and Auditing” („Kontrola i audyt przetwarzania danych osobowych”)
The book presents the legal and practical aspects of inspecting and auditing personal data processing operations. The author discusses the responsibilities of individual parties and highlights solutions for preventing, detecting and eliminating problems with personal data processing and protection mechanisms. The publication is primarily targeted at practitioners, such as data administrators and information security administrators. Templates of useful inspection related documents (with editable versions on the included CD) are an added bonus.

Author: Paweł Fajgielski

“Providing public information by application” („Udostępnianie informacji publicznej w trybie wnioskowym”)
The book contains a detailed discussion of each step of the procedure for providing public information, a practical analysis of legally defined secrets and the possibility of sharing internal documents, confidential information or information that requires processing. The author presents an interpretation of the Access to Public Information Act which enables the fullest implementation of the law both from the perspective of the obligated entity and the applicant. The book includes a CD with electronic document templates – notifications and decisions – useful in the process of providing public information.

Author: Mariusz Jabłoński

“e-Government. Legal Aspects of IT Development in Public Administration” (“e-Administracja. Prawne aspekty informatyzacji administracji”)
The publication is the first comprehensive discussion of IT development in public administration on the Polish market. It covers a number of specific problems, provides a detailed description of the current state of the law, and explains the obligations and tasks of public agencies with respect to the deployment of new technologies. Among the discussed topics are: the rules for providing access to public information, protection of stored personal data, electronic delivery of letters, administrative decisions and public procurement documentation, electronic financial operations, and intellectual property protection.

Authors: Dariusz Adamski, Paweł Litwiński, Czesław Martysz, Zbigniew Okoń, Grzegorz Sibiga, Ryszard Szostak, Dariusz Szostek, Marek Świerczyński

“Securing Personal Data” (“Zabezpieczenie danych osobowych”)
The author presents a detailed and practice oriented description of problems related to securing personal data, including the security of information systems used for processing personal data, documentation related to personal data protection and the procedures for preparing it, obligations of each party participating in data processing (at each level of security), and the administrative, criminal and civil liability of those parties. The publication contains example policies for protecting personal data in public entities, as well as document templates.

Author: Andrzej Drozd

“Information in Public Administration” (“Informacja w administracji publicznej”)
The book is a detailed analysis of the legal aspects of collecting, storing and processing information. The author also covers information security, in particular the protection of confidential information and other legally protected secrets. The book is aimed at anyone whose work involves information collected and processed in public administration.

Author: Paweł Fajgielski

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