Public Administration Training Center

The Public Administration Training Center organizes training events which cover the issues of public administration and related areas. The broad range of available topics is based on the input of practitioners – public administration employees who tell us about their everyday problems. The issues include, for example, public education, public roads, administrative decisions, betterment charges, archival of official records, hiring of local government employees, and many others.

All our instructors are proven experts in their fields — people who not only have superior knowledge, but also take the time to prepare for each event and are able to establish rapport with participants. What sets them apart is their practical approach and openness to participant questions.

Events organized by the Public Administration Training Center take place in high standard venues. Participants receive extensive training materials and are given the opportunity to rate the event afterwards.

Example training topics:

  • Issuing administrative decisions in practice
  • Difficult situations in public agencies — responding to complaints, anger and criticism
  • Execution proceedings in administration — advanced workshop
  • Misapplication of labor law in public entities — official audit results
  • Keeping an archive and repository of records — organizing, taking over, registering, storing and protecting records
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