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 The Public Administration Library comprises books on administrative law and related issues, covering problems such as issuing administrative decisions and conducting administrative proceedings, with an emphasis on the aspects which pose the most problems in practice. A list of publications follows:

“Sale of real properties owned by local and national government according to the Real Estate Management Act” („Sprzedaż nieruchomości samorządowych i skarbu państwa na podstawie ustawy o gospodarce nieruchomościami”)
The book is a practical discussion of the current regulations applicable to the sales of real property owned by local and national government, with a special emphasis on the 2004, 2007 and 2009 amendments to the Real Estate Management Act. The author details the preliminary measures to be taken before selling public real property, the tender procedure, negotiations after a second tender, tender free sales, and the sale agreement. The book is targeted at government employees who sell public real estate, potential buyers, and – due to the included court rulings and opinions of legal experts – real estate professionals.

Author: Rafał Padrak

“Execution Proceedings in Public Administration. The handbook” („Postępowanie egzekucyjne w administracji. Vademecum”)
The publication is a practical and always up-to-date resource for every public administration employee who is responsible for conducting execution proceedings. The handbook contains a discussion of execution proceedings and a practical presentation of their stages, including citations of numerous rulings. It was written by legal counsels, employees of the tax administration with many years of experience, employees of administrative courts, experienced lecturers and trainers, and authors of publications on administrative execution, administrative law and tax law. The handbook is published in the form of a binder that will be updated 6-9 times a year, depending on the frequency of changes in legislation. The basic publication consists of about 700 pages and a CD.

Editor: Krzysztof Sobieralski

“Extraordinary Modes of Administrative Proceedings” („Nadzwyczajne tryby postępowania administracyjnego”)
This publication is a practical guide to extraordinary modes of administrative proceedings. The author presents procedural institutions which make up the system of extraordinary means of verifying decisions in administrative proceedings, drawing upon extensive legal resources and court rulings (Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court, Provincial Administrative Courts). The book is targeted at public administration employees responsible for preparing administrative decisions. It can also be helpful to potential parties to administrative proceedings in their communication with officials and public administration bodies, as well as to students of law and administration.

Author: Krzysztof Sobieralski

“Local Government Employee Act. Commentary” („Ustawa o pracownikach samorządowych. Komentarz”)
This is a commentary to the current Local Government Employee Act, focusing on the practical application of the new regulations. The authors concentrate on specific problems arising from the interpretation of the act, as opposed to theoretical analysis. One of the book’s strengths are the numerous citations of administrative court rulings, verified from the point of view of the new legislation. The publication is primarily targeted at secretaries, people responsible for managing human resources in local government entities, and all those who deal with labor law in local government.

Authors: Agnieszka Piskorz-Ryń, Iwona Ślęczkowska

„Provision of environmental information, environment conservation, public participation in environment conservation, and evaluation of environmental impact act. Commentary” („Ustawa o udostępnianiu informacji o środowisku i jego ochronie, udziale społeczeństwa w ochronie środowiska oraz o ocenach oddziaływania na środowisko. Komentarz”)
The book is a commentary to the latest so¬ called “environment act” of 2008. It contains explanations of the relevant regulations and their consequences, targeted at agencies which conduct procedures related to environment conservation, entities planning initiatives that may have a considerable impact on the environment, and individuals interested in participating in said procedures. The publication is written by one of the best Polish experts on environmental law and the author of popular and well respected legal commentaries.

Author: Krzysztof Gruszecki

“The Practice of Administrative Execution Proceedings” (“Praktyka administracyjnego postępowania egzekucyjnego”)
This book is a guide to the complicated area of administrative execution proceedings. It is targeted not only at those responsible for preparing and conducting such proceedings, but also at other participants. Among the strengths of this publication are a large number of cited administrative court rulings and examples of actionable decisions (issued by the executing agency or the creditor) with a practical commentary. The included CD contains editable versions of these examples.

Authors: Justyna Dembczyńska, Piotr Pietrasz, Krzysztof Sobieralski, Robert Suwaj

“Issuing Administrative Decisions” (“Wydawanie Decyzji Administracyjnych”)
The publication covers the principles and procedures for issuing administrative decisions in general administrative proceedings, presenting three stages of the process: commencement of an administrative proceeding, preliminary investigation, and preparation and issuance of the decision. The author cites not only numerous publications on this subject, but also relevant court rulings. This book will be useful to anyone who participates in general administrative proceedings — both officials who issue administrative decisions and parties to administrative proceedings. The publication contains 58 official letter templates and a CD with editable versions of those templates.

Author: Robert Suwaj

“Practical Problems of the Resumption of Administrative Proceedings” (“Praktyczne problemy wznowienia postępowania administracyjnego”)
The book contains an extensive analysis of the entire procedure of resuming an administrative proceeding, including acceptable grounds for such action. The procedure is compared with other extraordinary administrative procedures and with administrative court proceedings. The accessible presentation of theory is illustrated with up to date court rulings. In addition, the author has described common problems which arise in the operation of public agencies, together with suggested courses of action.

Author: Krzysztof Sobieralski

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