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In October and November 2010, PRESSCOM published the first issues of two new monthly journals: Inwestycje Sektora Publicznego (Public Sector Investments), targeted at employees responsible for construction and infrastructure projects in public administration, and Kadra Kierownicza w Administracji (Management Personnel in Public Administration), targeted at managers of public sector organizations. The first issues are mailed free of charge. The regular publishing cycle will start with the January issue. Subscriptions can be ordered now.

Inwestycje Sektora Publicznego is a specialized journal designed to support owners and contractors who plan and conduct construction and renovation work, are responsible for the maintenance of buildings, installations and equipment, or are responsible for road and network infrastructure. Articles in the journal are authored by experts: lawyers, architects, engineers, designers, academics from major technical universities, practitioners in the field of project management, and members of local government appeals commissions.

Kadra Kierownicza w Administracji is a journal written by practitioners for practitioners. Because of this approach, it supplies key knowledge and practical solutions in all the areas controlled by managers, including administrative and civil law, control procedures, public finance and general management. Authors include administrative court judges, legal counsels, members of RIO (Regional Chamber of Audit) commissions, managers of public sector organizations, management specialists, top instructors in the areas of administrative law, public finance law and tax law.

As with other PRESSCOM periodicals, subscribers of these new journals will receive free, practical supplements – books, CDs, etc.

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