New monthly journals from PRESSCOM

In October and November 2010, PRESSCOM published the first issues of two new monthly journals: Inwestycje Sektora Publicznego (Public Sector Investments), targeted at employees responsible for construction and infrastructure projects in public administration, and Kadra Kierownicza w Administracji (Management Personnel in Public Administration), targeted at managers of public sector organizations. The first issues are mailed free of charge. The regular publishing cycle will start with the January issue. Subscriptions can be ordered now.

Jubilee conference and second awards

The 5th Public Tender Forum (V Forum Przetargów Publicznych) took place in Jachranka on October 11-14, 2010. The theme of this year’s forum was a summary of the changes introduced by the small and large amendment to the Public Procurement Law.

Our new monthly journal

In October, PRESSCOM published the first issue of a new monthly journal: Kadry i Płace w Administracji (HR and Payroll in Public Administration). The journal is targeted at employees and managers in HR departments as well as Health & Safety specialists working in all types of public sector organizations. The first issue of “HR and Payroll in Public Administration” was mailed out free of charge; further issues will be available by subscription starting in January.
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